Sustainability Report

Sustainability Report

New Digitalized and Intelligent Power for a Better Future

In 2020, the COVID-19 outbreak profoundly disrupted our everyday life and production, and presented a huge challenge to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). In China, the demand for online operations, intelligentization and cloudification technologies exploded and the new-generation information technology found its way more quickly into the economic and social spheres and into every aspect of people’s lives. While striving for sustainable corporate development, China Mobile always leverages its expertise and fulfills its responsibilities to contribute to the sustainable development of the economy, society and environment. Over the past year, to facilitate COVID-19 response and business transformation, we have given full play to the amplification, superposition and multiplication effects of information technology and data to blaze a new path for overall sustainable development.

Guaranteeing the “lifelines” in the fight against COVID-19. We made full use of network and information technologies including 5G, cloud computing and big data to guarantee smooth communications, handy services and strong support in the fight against COVID-19. We activated level-1 emergency response for over 3,000 key hospitals, over 1,000 centers for disease control and prevention, and nearly 5,000 government agencies nationwide to guarantee stable and reliable operation of their networks, and developed 5G-based solutions to help combat COVID-19. We exempted nearly one million front-line administrative and medical workers from service suspension, and launched over ten special services such as cloud meetings, online learning and livestreaming to facilitate the resumption of work and classes and return to normal social operation. We tightened daily anti-pandemic precautions to ensure the safety and health of customers and employees and offered COVID-19 special allowances.

Accelerating digitalized and intelligent infrastructure construction to empower all industries. We are committed to high-quality development, and strive to build the information “highway” and operate the information “high-speed train”, create shared value and promote sustainable economic growth. We work arduously to speed up the construction of new information infrastructure with 5G at the forefront, build an ecosystem to promote digitalized and intelligent transformation, accelerate the integrated innovation of 5G with technologies including artificial intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), cloud computing, big data and edge computing to guide and address customer demands, and make information technology, the real economy and the virtual economy reinforce one another. By the end of 2020, we had built the world’s largest 5G network, covering all prefecture-level cities and selected counties and key regions in China, to provide a new digitalized lifestyle experience for our customers. Along with our partners, we launched 100 Group-level pilot projects in 15 industry segments including smart factory, smart transportation, smart city, smart hospital and smart education to empower the way of life and work.

Promoting people-centered, inclusive and accessible services. Putting people first, we care about and support employees’ development, and concentrate our efforts on key areas such as poverty alleviation, universal services and narrowing application gap, in order to provide equal opportunities for disadvantaged groups, and drive sustainable social development. We have rolled out a package of “new drivers capability enhancement” initiatives to train employees on new skills and facilitate their career development. We keep improving the working conditions of first-line workers and advocate work-life balance through the “Employee Caring Program” and “Happiness 1+1 Program”. We have introduced the “Network+” poverty alleviation model, which has helped a total of 1.08 million people in 13 counties, 12 townships and 1,786 villages rise above the poverty line, winning us the highest rating in the designated poverty alleviation assessment of state-owned organizations for three consecutive years and the National Poverty Alleviation Award for two consecutive years. The “Blue Dream” project has trained more than 128,000 rural primary and secondary school principals in central and western China. Our “Heart Caring Program” has sponsored surgeries for 6,574 children in poverty with congenital heart disease (CHD). The “Universal Telecommunications Service Project” has connected 52 thousand remote rural areas to broadband. Our diverse services, such as direct lines to 10086 service representatives, on-site services, and IT lectures for the elderly, helped narrow the application gap and bring the benefits of digitalization to everyone.

Protecting ecological sustainability. We actively promote ecological conservation, integrate environmental protection into corporate operation, and explore an energy conservation and emission reduction path that aligns us with the environment sustainability goals of the industry and society. China Mobile has implemented the “Green Action Plan” for 14 consecutive years, during which we cooperated with stakeholders to save energy and develop energy-efficient technologies to better address climate change, moving us closer to our goal of peaking carbon emissions and reaching carbon-neutral operations. In 2020, the “Green Action Plan” saved 2.51 TWh of electricity, and the overall energy consumption per unit of telecommunications business declined by 18% compared with last year, marking a shining success of our green efforts. We further promoted energy efficiency classification standards and green packaging to drive green, low-carbon and circular development. We developed innovative ICT-based solutions to support environmental governance and ecological protection. We supported the construction of the first Asian Elephant Protection, Monitoring and Early Warning System in China, setting a model of innovative ICT-enabled biodiversity protection solutions.

Those who recognize the trend are wise and those who ride the trend will win. As the wave of digitalized and intelligent transformation is sweeping across industries, China Mobile will go with the current and shoulder due social responsibility to meet people’s growing needs for a better life while striving to become a world-class enterprise by building a dynamic “Powerhouse”. Leveraging the new digitalized and intelligent power, we will pursue win-win development and contribute to the SDGs with fullest sincerity!

March, 2021

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