Sustainability Report

Sustainability Report

5G+, Opening a New Chapter of an Intelligent Era

President Xi Jinping has highlighted sustainable development as a “golden key” to solving global problems. In 2019, 5G commercial services were launched in China. As an information artery of society, an accelerator of industry transformation and upgrade, and a new cornerstone for building a digital society, 5G is bringing us a brand-new era of digital economy, providing new solutions to challenges faced by all mankind in the pursuit of sustainable development, and creating a new frontier for value creation. Following its strategy of becoming a world-class enterprise by building a dynamic “Powerhouse”, China Mobile is committed to becoming a major force in building a “Cyberpower”, digital nation and smart society and strives to fully implement its “5G+” plan to support the nation’s high-quality development, help address the problems of unbalanced and inadequate development, and meet people’s needs for a better life. This is being achieved by promoting the convergence, integration and digitization of 5G in every aspect of both the national economy and people's daily life, thereby making concrete efforts to contribute to the realization of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Empowering the digital economy to jointly build the engine of a smart society. We are committed to building world-class intelligent infrastructure, continuously improving our independent innovation capabilities in 5G, and accelerating its integration with related fields, including artificial intelligence (AI), internet of things (IoT), cloud computing, big data and edge computing. We aim to strengthen the open cooperation with upstream and downstream partners in more areas and at higher levels. We strive to promote sustainable economic development by integrating 5G into every industry and every walk of life and fully releasing the magnification, superimposition and multiplication effects of 5G technology on the empowerment of economic and social development. As of the end of 2019, we were serving 950 million mobile customers, 172 million household broadband customers and 10.28 million corporate customers, put over 50,000 5G base stations in operation, and officially launched 5G commercial services in 50 cities in China. Meanwhile, our mobile authentication platform processed 1.2 billion times of authentication per day on average, and our OneNET IoT platform brought together 11,825 enterprise users and empowered nearly 150,000 developers. We also carried out 5G innovation pilot projects and collaborated with our partners to promote innovative applications in various fields, such as medical care, education, energy and manufacturing, supporting the digital transformation and upgrade of the relevant industries.

Adhering to a people-oriented approach to jointly create an inclusive good life for all. We insist on a people-centered development philosophy and strive to promote the sustainable development of society by leveraging our information technology advantages to implement the Telecommunications Universal Service Project and promote “speed upgrade and tariff reduction”, ensuring equal opportunities for less developed areas and disadvantaged groups with innovative approaches, working with our parent company to intensify support for designated areas and targeted poverty alleviation programs, continuing our brand public welfare programs, and providing all-out support for China’s coordinated regional development strategy and the Belt and Road Initiative. We continued to implement the Telecommunications Universal Service Project, and have provided broadband access to a total of 43,000 administrative villages, among which 38,000 villages were covered by wireline broadband and 4,564 villages were covered by 4G network. We have provided free surgical treatment for nearly 6,000 children from low-income families diagnosed with congenital heart disease with our Heart Caring program, and helped train more than 127,000 rural primary and secondary school principals from central and western China with our Blue Dream Education Aid Plan. Our parent company received the top recognition in the targeted poverty alleviation assessment of central enterprises, as well as the 2019 National Poverty Alleviation Award - Contribution Award.

Promoting green development to jointly shape a harmonious ecology. Adhering to the belief that “lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets”, we have been implementing the Green Action Plan for 13 consecutive years to promote environmental sustainability by researching and developing of energy-saving technologies, enhancing our climate resilience, implementing green operation and management, and driving energy conservation and emission reduction of our supply chain. We have actively developed and promoted environmental ICT solutions that support real-time collection and efficient processing of massive, multi-dimensional environmental data, and our “Blue Guardian” application provided informatization support for air pollution prevention and control in 300 regions at county level or above, helping fight the battle against pollution. In 2019, we invested RMB160 million in the Green Action Plan and achieved remarkable energy conservation and emission reduction results, reducing our overall energy consumption per unit of information flow by 43% compared with the previous year.

In the spring of 2020, the battle against the COVID-19 epidemic was raging. The prevention and control of the epidemic is not only directly related to China’s future but also to the common future of humanity. “The safety and health of the people are always the first priority. Epidemic prevention and control is the most important task at the moment.” China Mobile plays an active role to ensure network and service coverage, and fulfils its epidemic prevention and control responsibilities, going all out for winning the battle against the epidemic and minimizing its impact. It is worth mentioning that 5G has manifested its technological and operational strengths in the fight against the epidemic. A variety of applications including 5G-based telecommuting, remote medical services and distance education provide novel solutions to help people return to work and resume normal life, showing great potential to create value for society.

Right now, 5G has just started to demonstrate its potential in social value innovation. China Mobile is committed to serving as a leader in 5G network construction, a promoter of industry application of 5G technology and a pioneer in providing 5G services to the public. To support society’s high-quality development and improve people’s quality of life, we will waste no time and spare no effort in working together with innovators from different industries to jointly explore and promote 5G intelligent solutions, thereby creating an intelligent and better future for all.

March, 2020

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