Chairman's Statement

A new wave of technological revolution and industry transformation characterized by digitalization, networkization and intelligentization has emerged, integrating 5G, AI, IoT, cloud computing, big data, edge computing, blockchain and other next-generation information technologies into the economy, society and people’s livelihood. Every industry has embarked on digital transformation, presenting unprecedented opportunities in the blue-ocean digital economy. At the same time, the market landscape has become increasingly complex and volatile. The market as a whole and the information services market are constantly evolving, presenting more diverse business patterns and models. The window of opportunity to develop the information services market is closing at an increasing pace. The result of these events is a number of challenges we have to face head-on.

Riding on the historic opportunities in the new era, we will open up development space toward information services and focus on technological innovation to create competitive advantages. We will fully facilitate the construction of information infrastructure and facilitate the digitalized and intelligent transformation of the whole society. We will also make endeavors to accelerate the integration and innovation of various information technologies, and speed up the deep integration of information technology and the economy, society and people’s livelihood. We will take solid steps toward becoming a world-class enterprise by building a dynamic “Powerhouse” and create higher value for our shareholders.

Dear Shareholders,

We were faced with a complex operating environment in 2020. COVID-19 affected all aspects of life, while the digital transformation of our economy and society further accelerated, and coopetition within the telecommunications industry and beyond continued to evolve. Despite various difficulties and challenges, we managed to forge ahead steadily with the goal of achieving high-quality development and becoming a world-class enterprise by building a dynamic “Powerhouse”. This overarching strategy drove us to speed up our business transformation and upgrade while deepening reforms and innovation. Harnessing the opportunities brought about by 5G development, we strived to capture new markets emerged in the blue-ocean digital economy to strengthen our industry-leading position. As a result, our business performance maintained stable and healthy growth and our business development picked up stronger momentum and achieved significant success on various fronts.

Our operating revenue reached RMB768.1 billion in the 2020 financial year, up by 3.0% compared to the year before. Of this, telecommunications services revenue amounted to RMB695.7 billion, representing growth of 3.2% year-on-year. Our two growth drivers, the “Home” market and the “Business” market, delivered outstanding performance. Wireline broadband revenue increased by 17.4% year-on-year and reached RMB80.8 billion. Revenue from applications and information services increased by 22.4% year-on-year and reached RMB101.0 billion. Revenue contribution from new businesses (non-traditional telecommunications services) continued to grow and the revenue structure comprising the “Customer” (C), “Home” (H), “Business” (B) and “New” (N) markets has further optimized. We delivered strong momentum for sustainable future growth.

In order to further reduce costs and enhance efficiency, we tightened cost control measures involving all staff members and production factors, as well as the entire workflow. Our efforts generated desirable outcomes. Profit attributable to equity shareholders reached RMB107.8 billion or RMB5.27 per share, up by 1.1% year-on-year. In terms of profitability, we maintained our leading position among top-tier global telecommunications operators. EBITDA was RMB285.1 billion, down by 3.7% from last year. EBITDA margin was 37.1%, down by 2.6 percentage points compared to the previous year. Our capital expenditure was RMB180.6 billion and we maintained our free cash flow at the healthy level of RMB127.1 billion.

The Board recommends a final dividend payment of HK$1.76 per share for the year ended 31 December 2020. Together with the interim dividend of HK$1.53 per share already paid, total dividend for the 2020 financial year amounted to HK$3.29 per share.

The Company attaches great importance to shareholder returns, and will maintain a stable dividend per share for the full year of 2021, after giving overall consideration to its profitability and cash flow generation. The Company will strive to create greater value for shareholders.

The Board believes that our industry-leading profitability level and ability to generate healthy cash flow will provide sufficient support for the Company’s future development and create favorable returns for our shareholders.

In light of the accelerated digital transformation of the economy and society, our strategy is to expedite the construction of information “highway” consisting of first-class new information infrastructure and operate information “high-speed train” by introducing innovative operating practices and exploring new use cases, products and business forms relating to information services. We also took steps to accelerate the shift toward online, intelligence and the cloud, and cultivated greater value by leveraging the scale of our business and promoting the balanced and integrated development of our CHBN markets. By doing so, we achieved breakthroughs in key businesses and products, while we continued to increase customer satisfaction.

In terms of our “Customer” market, we adhered to the strategy of integrating data access, applications and customer benefits. Focusing on our scale-based and value-oriented business operating system and scenario-based customer management, we drove the uptick in both quality and quantity of the 5G business, and stimulated the consumption of information and communications services. Centered around content development and customer benefits, we worked to build our three consumer brands – GoTone, M-zone and Easy Own – consolidating operations and brand value. We collaborated with cross-sector partners, developed prolific businesses and created experiences that resonate with our customers, all with a view to effectively boosting customer value and loyalty. As of the end of December 2020, the number of mobile customers reached 942 million. Of these, 165 million customers used our 5G packages, representing a net increase of 162 million customers, showing an ongoing industry-leading ability to grow our 5G customer base. Mobile ARPU (average revenue per user per month) reached RMB47.4 where the decline rate was flattened by 4.0 percentage points compared to the previous year. Our DOU (average handset data traffic per user per month) increased by 39.0% to 9.4GB.

With regard to the “Home” market, we placed emphasis on scale expansion, brand building, ecosystem cultivationand value uplift, expediting the setting up of a service suite that combines full-gigabit network connections with cloud-based applications. We focused on expanding our three main applications, i.e., smart home network deployment, home security and smart remote control, to further promote our smart home operations business. As a result, we recorded favourable growth in our customer base and revenue. In 2020, we added 20.13 million household broadband customers, bringing the total number to 192 million. 141 million of these customers registeredfor our digital set-top box service “Mobaihe”, accounting for 73.3% of our household customer base. Driven by the combination of bandwidth upgrades and the introduction of value-added applications, household broadband blended ARPU reached RMB37.7, an increase of 6.9% year-on-year.

The “Business” market is the new driver of our revenue growth and the major force of our business transformation and upgrade. We promoted the integrated development of network, cloud and DICT (data, information and communications technology) in key sectors including smart city, smart transportation and the Industrial Internet. We rolled out the “Cloud business: going all out to win” action plan to accelerate the evolution of intelligent cloud and forge our differentiated advantages in the convergences of cloud and network, cloud and big data, cloud and intelligence, and cloud and edge computing. We also launched the “Leading in 5G” action plan to showcase 5G implementation across verticals, supporting them with new information infrastructure that combines the strengths of 5G and AI, IoT, cloud computing, big data and edge computing. In 2020, our corporate customers showed a net increase of 3.56 million, totaling 13.84 million. The revenue from dedicated lines increased by 19.3% year-on-year and reached RMB24.0 billion. The revenue from DICT reached RMB43.5 billion, representing an increase of 66.5% year-on-year and contributing 2.6 percentage points to the increase in the telecommunications services revenue. Of this, mobile cloud revenue reached RMB9.2 billion, up by 353.8% year-on-year. In terms of 5G applications for vertical industry sectors, we have developed 100 industry-leading showcases at the headquarters level and 2,340 provincial-level feature projects, which have gradually gained traction following our promotional efforts in 15 industry segments.

In terms of the “New” market, we focused on four key areas – international business, equity investment, digital content and FinTech – using an innovative approach. Our efforts have yielded initial success. With regard to our international business, we strived to break barriers between the domestic and international markets, leveraging our proven and well-developed capabilities to enhance our international operations. In 2020, our international business revenue reached RMB11.1 billion, representing an increase of 16.6% year-on-year. Our equity investment strategy emphasizes value creation, alongside building an ecosystem and unleashing the synergy yielded from our operations and investments. We achieved this through optimizing our investment platform for mergers and acquisitions, share purchase and venture capital, as well as leveraging the complementary strengths of direct investment and investment funds. Our equity investment returns in 2020 accounted for 11.8% of our net profit. In terms of digital content and FinTech, we have been actively nurturing high-quality Internet products to constantly improve our product development capabilities and enhance the user experience. As of the end of December 2020, the number of monthly active users of MIGU Video increased by 18.4% year-on-year. The customer bases of video connecting tones and cloud product “and-Caiyun” exceeded 140 million and 100 million respectively, and the number of monthly active users of “and-Wallet” increased by 39.1% year-on-year.

We are committed to enhancing customer satisfaction while maintaining healthy business growth. We sped up the building of an all-round service system covering every aspect of services and processes and engaging all staff members. As a result, we further enhanced quality management and overall service delivery to improve customer experience. All-round service capabilities also resulted from the setting up of the “10086” integrated smart services gateway that covers our CHBN markets, and from an online feedback system that deals with complaints filed through our channels. We built an end-to-end service quality management system covering five key areas – markets, corporate business, services, networks and information technology (IT). We understand the importance of building a service culture among all employees, thus we rolled out a series of innovative and diverse campaigns and staff awards to improve service awareness. Our efforts have gained us a reputation for providing heartwarming service to our customers.

2020 marked the first full year of the commercial adoption of 5G. Following the government’s call to speed up the construction of new information infrastructure with 5G at the forefront, we further implemented our “5G+” plan to promote the co-construction and sharing of 5G infrastructure, establishing a new milestone for our 5G development.

In 2020, our total 5G-related investment amounted to RMB102.5 billion. Our cloud-based and centralized standalone (SA) core network commenced operations in September 2020. Throughout the year, we built and put in use around 340,000 new 5G base stations, bringing the total number of 5G base stations to a cumulative 390,000, providing 5G services to all prefecture-level cities, selected counties and key areas in China. We own the largest 5G SA commercial network and occupy a leading position in terms of network technology in the world. Contributing to 5G standard-setting and technological evolution, we advocated for the on-schedule freezing of the R16 standard and we were heavily involved in the R17 standard-setting. In the 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) and the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), we led 99 projects in relation to 5G international standards and launched an industry-leading protocol to provide technical guidance for the full-scale deployment of 5G networks slicing for a wide range of industry sectors. We were also the first telecommunications operator in the industry to launch a protocol on N4 decoupling technology, significantly promoting the flexible deployment of User Plane Function (UPF) while reducing 5G deployment costs.

Alongside 5G network construction, we also came up with an orderly plan for the steady growth of our 5G business. In terms of the consumer market, we worked to gradually promote upgrades and refinements of tariff plans, according to customers’ specific needs. Meanwhile, we advocated for manufacturers to make 5G terminal devices more affordable in order to allow more customers to use 5G services. In order to further enhance user experience, we were the first telecommunications operator to launch a range of new applications, including ultrahigh definition live streaming based on 5G, 4K and VR technology, 5G ultrahigh definition full-screen video connecting tones, cloud- based 5G games and 5G messages. In the “Business” market, we were the first in the industry to propose a BAF1 (basic, advanced and flexible) commercial model, achieving the commercialization of 5G dedicated network products and rolling out 470 dedicated 5G network projects for corporate customers. We launched nine industry platform solutions including OneCity for smart city and OnePower for the Industrial Internet, accumulating more than 100 applications. We created more than 2,000 showcases for 15 industry segments, of which those that generated most enthusiastic responses included 5G cloud-based cherry blossom appreciation and 5G coverage in Mount Everest, deep mines and harbors.

China Mobile Communications Group Co., Ltd., our parent company, and China Broadcasting Network Corporation Limited (“CBN”) entered a framework agreement for 5G co-construction and sharing. Subsequently, sub-agreements have been signed with CBN on 26 January 2021 covering four areas – namely 5G network construction, network maintenance, market collaboration and network usage fee settlement. Both parties will fully leverage their combined advantages in 5G technology, frequency and content to promote the co-construction and sharing of 700MHz network and support the integration and co-development of a business ecosystem comprising networks and content. By doing so, we aim to accelerate 5G network coverage in an efficient manner, pooling resource advantages and saving costs. We believe that the partnership will help both parties achieve high-quality 5G development and mutual benefits. It will also enable us to provide more diverse and higher-quality services for our customers and create greater value for our shareholders.

5G is playing an increasingly important role in supporting information flow within society, accelerating industry transformation and upgrade, and driving the development of digital society. As the key 5G network constructor, advocate and service provider, we will further implement the “5G+” plan to speed up the application of 5G across sectors to serve wider society.

1 BAF business model is a multi-dimensional, 5G dedicated network business model based on “Basic network + Advanced value-added functions + Flexible personalised services”

With a view to supporting our business transformation and development, we expedited the setting up of a highly efficient operational system that yields synergy and continued to strengthen our basic capabilities. We took proactive steps to attain innovation-driven development and strengthened collaborations with partners along the industrial chain to achieve collaborative success. We also managed to fully reap the benefits brought about by further advancing reforms to our institutional mechanisms, laying a solid foundation for our future development.

Optimized operational system. Through implementing reforms to areas including corporate business, markets, networks, research and development (R&D) and IT, we have basically built out an organizational and operating structure that allows the headquarters to set strategies, regional companies to drive market development and specialized teams to enhance competence. We also implemented all-round reforms to grid operations, taking steps to better align responsibilities, authorities and benefits. We took steps to optimize our inverted pyramid support structure through which managers render support to the frontline, and effectively motivated and empowered individual staff. We continued to create a low-cost and high-efficiency operating model and actively promoted management by classification. As a result, we were able to achieve a significantly enhanced level of standardized, regulated and digitalized management.

Improved basic capabilities. We continued to build out our premium networks. As of the end of December 2020, we have built a total of 5.14 million base stations, and the bandwidth of dedicated networks for international and corporate customers have reached 67.9 Tbps. 100% of the OLT (Optical Line Terminal) facilities in urban areas at prefecture-level and above were equipped with gigabit broadband. We accelerated the construction of new information infrastructure and promoted the layout of cloud-based networks based on eight major regions. With our “N+31+X” mobile cloud networks (N central nodes, 31 province-level nodes and X edge nodes) and “3+3+X” data center layout (three hotspot regional centers, three trans-provincial centers and various province-level centers and business nodes) taking shape, we continued to promote the integrated development of cloud, networks and edge computing. We also initiated the construction of a smart mid-end platform, which combines technology, data and business, to form an AaaS (Ability as a Service) service system. During the first phase of the mid-end platform development, we launched 27 applications, achieving initial success in empowering business growth with digital intelligence.

Stepped-up innovation. In terms of key technology developments, our proprietary automatic integration tool “Xing Yun” significantly shortens hardware integration cycles of our network cloud resource pools, and our cloud performance improvement and evaluation product “Yun Heng” can conduct data quality checks at minute-level frequency. Three key standards originated from our proprietary technology Slicing Packet Network (SPN) were approved by the ITU Telecommunication Standardization Sector, laying a solid foundation for the global application of SPN. Utilizing blockchain technology, we also self-developed the mid-end platform CMChain and proactively explored the implementation of blockchain applications in different scenarios. To speed up product innovation, we continued to enhance the five-in-one management and operating system that covers R&D, operations, support, sales and marketing, and services, further strengthening the competitiveness of our products. On the 5G front, we launched new applications in the consumer domain and dedicated network products for vertical sectors. We also joined hands with industry partners to release the 5G Messaging White Paper and promoted the implementation of super SIM solutions.

Expanded partnership. We actively built extensive networks and deepened our strategic partnership with local governments and large enterprises and public institutions. Centered around 5G-related digitalization and innovation, we initiated cross-sector cooperation on information services, making use of the complementary strengths of different sectors to drive social and economic development. We rolled out the “5G+ Blooming Action” campaign and set up the 5G Joint Innovation Fund, which plans to invest tens of billions to nurture industry players. We also put forward a “100 billion” industry stimulus plan to step up efforts to develop the industry ecosystem and our partnership network. These efforts will accelerate the deployment of our digital intelligence plan in breadth and depth, and infuse the industry ecosystem with new vitality.

Furthered system reforms. With the goal of establishing a world-class model enterprise, we systemically furthered reforms in the three key areas of governance, talent development and incentive mechanisms, in order to build new momentum toward high-quality development. Two of our subsidiaries that specialize in IoT and cloud technology have been enlisted into the state program that drives selected Chinese technology companies to implement market- oriented reforms and step up their independent innovation capabilities. For this, we have rolled out a pilot zone and implemented our reformation plans in phases. For different types of talents, we have optimized our tailored suite of compensation and incentive mechanisms that are results-driven and have clear development focuses. We launched a new batch of incentive share options and inaugurated our fast-track development program for outstanding talents. We have further enhanced our incentive mechanism using diversified means, placing a clear focus on differentiating and rewarding outstanding performance.

The Company always upholds the principles of integrity, transparency, openness and efficiency, and fully complies with all applicable listing rules to ensure sound corporate governance.

To optimize the composition of the Board of Directors, we pursued policies to maintain board member diversity and director nomination. We ensured the independent non-executive directors contribute their respective experience and expertise to help us further improve our corporate governance and decision-making mechanism.

We are also committed to compliance and enhancing our compliance management. The implementation of our “Compliance Escort Plan” has helped to strengthen the compliance culture across our business. On an ongoing basis, we conducted compliance checks and provided guidelines particularly for emerging areas such as new 5G infrastructure, mobile number portability, supply chain security, network information security and basic-level grid operations. Our aim is to take a pre-emptive approach to compliance and risk control and constantly improve our compliance management system.

We are committed to enhancing our risk and internal control systems, increasing our ability to detect risk and exercise effective risk control. We have further strengthened our supervision over key businesses, projects and issues, proactively mitigating business risks and closing any gaps in our business management processes to ensure sound operations.

We are committed to integrating corporate social responsibility in our development, contributing our strengths to society and satisfying people’s needs in their pursuit for a better life.

The COVID-19 outbreak in 2020 caught everyone off guard. In response, we made full use of 5G, cloud computing, big data and other information and communications technologies in the fight against COVID-19. We secured the lifelines of communications, service and support, contributing to the resumption of work, production and schooling, and helping society return to normal. Immediately after the outbreak, we activated a top-level emergency response to ensure a stable and reliable network for more than 3,000 major hospitals, over 1,000 major disease control centers and over 5,000 government organizations across the country. We provided free mobile services to nearly one million COVID-19 prevention and control personnel and medical staff who were our customers but fallen behind with their payments. We introduced more than 10 feature services including innovative cloud meetings, online learning and livestreaming to the general public. We took proactive measures to prevent and control the COVID-19 in our daily operations and care for our employees while encouraging them to pay attention to customers’ needs. These solid actions helped us protect the lives and well-being of our customers and employees.

We sped up the build-out of new information infrastructure that enables the digital transformation of our economy and society. We promoted healthy competition and collaboration within the industry to foster a level and healthy playing field. We provided communications support to the Two Sessions, The China International Fair for Trade in Services, China International Import Expo and other major events, as well as securing networks during COVID-19 and the flood season. Our efforts gained us wide recognition across society. We spared no effort in combating cybercrime so as to provide a healthy and secure network environment for our customers.

In addition, our innovative”Network+” poverty alleviation model that is based on the “1+3+X” framework has helped a total of 1.08 million people in 13 counties, 12 townships and 1,786 villages rise above the poverty line. We launched various charity campaigns, such as the “Blue Dream” education project, which has provided professional training for more than a cumulative 128,000 primary and secondary school headmasters in rural villages in the mid- west of China. Meanwhile, the “Heart Caring” campaign has saved the lives of 6,574 children with congenital heart disease. We played our part in pollution control, energy saving and emissions reduction to promote green development. The implementation of our “Green Action Plan” continued to help us reduce our carbon footprint. The overall energy consumption per unit of telecommunications business has dropped by 17.6%, moving us closer to our goal of peaking carbon emissions and reaching carbon-neutral operations.

Our achievements have received wide recognition. We were a Gold Award winner at The Asset ESG Corporate Awards and received the Asia’s Honoured Company award from Institutional Investor. In addition, we won the Icon on Corporate Governance, Best Investor Relations Company, Best Corporate Social Responsibility and Best Corporate Communications awards from Corporate Governance Asia.

During the year, Moody’s and Standard & Poor’s maintained our corporate credit ratings at the same level as China’s sovereign ratings.

All good principles should adapt to changing times to remain relevant. A new wave of technological revolution and industry transformation characterized by digitalization, networkization and intelligentization has emerged, integrating 5G, AI, IoT, cloud computing, big data, edge computing, blockchain and other next-generation information technologies into the economy, society and people’s livelihood. Every industry has embarked on digital transformation, presenting unprecedented opportunities in the blue-ocean digital economy. Innovation has emerged with a frequency not seen before. Information technology has become an inseparable part of the real economy, driving the restructuring of innovation and industries on a global scale. Leading technology enterprises have been using technology and data to generate a new form of growth featuring super fast growth, and super products and services, as well as high production efficiency and high technology input. This shift also makes sweeping changes to the way enterprises conduct business and production. Technology and innovation will guide and lead the demand for information services and the resulting impact will become more prominent, thus creating endless possibilities in future. China has shown strong determination to implement state initiatives surrounding Cyberpower, Digital China and Smart Society, which will boost the development of the next generation information technology and other sectors, driving the growth of the digital economy and consumption upgrade. The digital economy will pick up more growth momentum, making “four paradigm shifts”2 in terms of economic development, technology application, business competition and mass consumption. The landscape of “five verticals and three horizontals”3 will become more evident. Against this backdrop, MIIT and CAICT expect that, in 2025, the size of China’s digital economy will grow to RMB65 trillion, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of more than 10%. Information services market size is expected to reach RMB20.4 trillion with a CAGR of more than 13%, creating huge potential for us to grow. Nevertheless, the market landscape has become increasingly complex and volatile. The market as a whole and the information services market are constantly evolving, presenting more diverse business patterns and models. The window of opportunity to develop the information services market is closing at an increasing pace. The result of all these developments is a number of challenges we have to face head-on.

We are now at an historic moment facing a new direction of development. In this context, we have given wider connotation to our “Powerhouse” strategy and put forward a new strategic vision: We will open up development space toward information services and focus on technological innovation to create competitive advantages. These moves will form part of our concerted efforts to achieve our goal of joining the league of the world’s first- class information service technology companies. At the same time, we will focus on “two facilitations and two integrations”: We will fully facilitate the construction of information infrastructure and facilitate the digitalized and intelligent transformation of the whole society. We will also make endeavors to accelerate the integration and innovation of various information technologies, and speed up the deep integration of information technology and the economy, society and people’s livelihood.

We have determined to adopt the main line of development that aims at promoting digitalized and intelligent transformation and achieving high-quality development. Specifically, we will continue to consolidate our network advantages, at the same time make special efforts to highlight our direction to undergo digital and intelligent transformation. While growth will be increasingly driven by information technologies and data, we will take measures to effectively unleash the amplifying impact of new factors on traditional factors including capital and human resources. All these endeavors will empower the full-fledged development of various business areas including products, services, operations and management with digital intelligence, also engaging all business processes. By following this main line of development, we will make significant enhancements to total factor productivity.

We have come up with a clear “4x3” strategic core. First, we will speed up the “three changes”, which are the internal logic of our transformation. We are changing our business development from telecommunications services to information services, from the primarily “Customer” (To C) market to all four CHBN markets, and from being resources-driven to being innovation-driven. Second, we will facilitate “three trends”, which are our points of breakthrough and core areas of transformation. We are promoting online operations, intelligentization and cloudification to stimulate demand for information services and upgrade the industry landscape. Third, we will reinforce the “three approaches”, which are paths of our transformation. We are setting up a scale-based and value- oriented business operating system with an emphasis on business convergence, integration and digitalization. Fourth, we will strengthen the “three forces”, which are fuels supporting our transformation. We are building up an organization structure incorporating our capabilities, collaboration and vitality to deliver high operating efficiency and synergy across operations.

The year 2021 marks the beginning of China’s 14th Five-Year Plan. It will also be a milestone year for us to deepen 5G development and consolidate our market leadership. We will strive for making progress while maintaining stability, adopting our main line of development that promotes digitalized and intelligent transformation and achieves high-quality development. We will focus on our “4x3” strategic core and fully implement the “5G+” plan, taking solid steps toward becoming a world-class enterprise by building a dynamic “Powerhouse”. We will strive to achieve stable and healthy growth in telecommunications services revenue and net profit, creating higher value for our shareholders.

2 The “four paradigm shifts”: Economically, the digital economy has become the major driving force of growth. Technologically, emerging information technology has become the core engine to spur industry transformation and upgrades. With regard to business competition, technological innovation forms the pillar of companies’ competitive advantages. In terms of consumption patterns of the masses, demand for a better digital life has pervaded the whole of society.

3 The “five verticals and three horizontals”: The “five verticals” represent the emergence of five key application scenarios, which are a result of the rapid penetration of information technology in the economy and society. This specifically refers to the digitalization of infrastructure, social governance, ways of production, ways of working and lifestyle. The “three horizontals” refer to the three common demands arisen from the digital transformation of the economy and society, namely online operations, intelligentisation and cloudification.

Finally, on behalf of the Board, I would like to take this opportunity to express my heartfelt gratitude for the support of our shareholders, customers and the general public, and for the dedication and contribution of our employees.

Yang Jie
Hong Kong, 25 March 2021

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