Chairman's Statement

Looking out of my car window during my daily commute, the multi-coloured shared bikes prevalent on the road is a sentimental sight. It reminds me of the greyish-blue stream of bicycles that flowed through the roads in days gone by, and were once highly symbolic of the era. Decades have passed and the street scenes, such a vivid picture of real life, have been transformed. Reflecting on the rapid progress China has achieved in the modern era fills me with awe.

In the economic society of China today, "digital" permeates every aspect of our daily life, whether it is renting a shared bike or a car online, the omnipresence of mobile payment and flourishing e-commerce, or the increasing use of cloud computing, big data, IoT and the powerful AI. Digital technology has already seamlessly, but fundamentally, been woven into the fabric of how people think, work and live, fueling China's economic transformation and social progress. Underpinning this paradigm is the ICT sector - one of China's fundamental and strategic industries.

I feel privileged to be able to participate in this space at a time when the ICT sector is rapidly evolving, spurring cross-discipline integration and driving innovation. The potential for industry development in so many areas within our sector, must be understood in the context of the inevitable disruption to the business and competitive landscape. It is beholden on us to understand this trend. Together with the management team of China Mobile, I have the confidence to lead the Company - a major force in China's ICT industry - to seize new opportunities while embracing new challenges, and instigate innovation within our network, technology, business and products. A time of change needs courageous leaders who are able to read and ride on the trend in order to bring new developments to the industry and enrich our offer of quality ICT services to satisfy people's aspiration for a better life now and in the future.

Dear Shareholders,

In 2017, despite disruptive forces in the industry such as the rapid advancement in the information and communication technology (ICT) and significant changes in the competitive landscape of the industry, China Mobile maintained a clear focus on implementing our "Big Connectivity" strategy, anchored by the integrated development of the "four growth engines". As a result, we have made outstanding achievements on multiple fronts, sustained favourable growth momentum and bolstered our position as a market leader. Our profitability is maintained at an industry-leading level benchmarked against other world-class operators, providing us with the solid foundation for future growth. These achievements were hard-earned but a source of encouragement.

China Mobile recorded operating revenue of RMB740.5 billion for the 2017 financial year, up by 4.5% compared to the year before. Revenue growth in telecommunications services achieved a six-year high of 7.2%, outpacing the industry average. Revenue from wireless data traffic, on a full-year basis, has accounted for more than half of the total telecommunications services revenue for the first time, demonstrating a fundamental change in revenue structure. The contribution from household and corporate markets has increased and our digital services revenue has achieved favourable growth. The total number of connections reached 1,229 million, amongst which, 887 million were mobile connections, 113 million were wireline broadband connections and 229 million were Internet of Things (IoT) smart connections.

Our profitability continued to outperform our peers. Profit attributable to equity shareholders reached RMB114.3 billion which is equivalent to basic earnings per share of RMB5.58, up by 5.1% compared to last year.

The Board recommends a final dividend payment of HK$1.582 per share for the year ended 31 December 2017, or a full-year dividend payout ratio of 48%. Together with the interim dividend payment of HK$1.623 per share, and a special dividend payment of HK$3.200 per share to celebrate the 20th anniversary of our IPO paid earlier, the total dividend payment for the 2017 financial year amounted to HK$6.405 per share.

Taking into consideration the Company's financial position, its ability to generate cash flow and its future development needs, the Company will maintain a stable dividend payout ratio for 2018 and strive to attain a stable-to-rising dividend payout ratio.

The Board believes that our industry-leading profitability and ability to generate healthy cash flow will provide sufficient support for the Company's future development while continuing to create higher value for our shareholders.

For a more detailed analysis of operating and financial performance in 2017, please refer to the "Business Review" and "Financial Review" sections.

Riding on the broad technological advancement and our business developments, we maintained our focus on the integrated development of the "four growth engines", which had been identified as the key drivers facilitating major progress in our business transformation.

We maintained our market leading position in the personal mobile market. With a net addition of 114 million, our total number of 4G customers was close to 650 million and the 4G penetration rate of our mobile customers has reached 73%. The total handset data traffic increased by 121.3% compared to the previous year, while the average handset data traffic per user per month, or DOU, of 4G customers reached 1.76GB. The average revenue per user, or ARPU, of 4G customers reached RMB66.4. The high definition VoLTE (Voice over LTE) has been put to commercial use and achieved favourable progress with 200 million customers in total.

The household market has achieved a breakthrough in a relatively short period. Focused on offering high value services and quality products, in 2017 we sped up the development of household broadband business, boosting the total number of household broadband customers to more than 109 million, with a net addition of 34.95 million. This accounted for 75.6% of the total number of new household customers in the market during the period. The number of subscribers of our home digital set-top box "Mobaihe" has reached 57.25 million and the household broadband blended ARPU1 has reached RMB33.3, up by 17.5% compared to the previous year.

We continued to strengthen our corporate business. We have focused our resources on a number of key sectors such as industry, agriculture, education, public administration, finance, transportation and healthcare. At the same time we increased the marketing efforts to launch business and industry-focused solutions. We have continuously improved the efficiency of our product research and development (R&D) while expanding our product range. The number of corporate customers has reached 6.02 million. Our revenue from corporate telecommunications and informatization services exceeded 36% of the total market. Nine industry applications have generated respective annual revenues of more than RMB100 million. We realised gains in both revenue and customer market shares in the corporate market.

The development of the emerging business yielded remarkable results in the period. With a net addition of 126 million IoT smart connections in 2017, our IoT network consisted of 229 million connections. Our "and-Video" service recorded an increment of 67.2% in revenue. Our mobile payment service "and-Wallet" exceeded RMB2.1 trillion in transaction value. Relentless innovation accelerated the development of our emerging business.

1Household broadband blended ARPU = (revenue of household broadband business + household revenue from emerging business) / average number of household broadband customers. Household revenue from emerging business mainly consists of revenue from Mobaihe. Wireline broadband ARPU, which includes revenues of household broadband business and Internet dedicated lines, stood at RMB35.1.

Building on our strengths and the current business environment, we recognised the market demand for a transformation of both network and services. We therefore continued to invest in our network quality and basic telecommunications capacity.

Our network coverage and quality continued to improve in 2017, with the total number of 4G base stations increasing to 1.87 million, covering 99% of the total population in China. Our robust network capabilities provide a reliable foundation for the exponential growth in data traffic. We continued to enjoy industry-leading customer satisfaction and net promoter score for our 4G services.

We have further strengthened our telecommunications infrastructure and network transmission capacity. The bandwidth of our backbone network has expanded by 52% and 73 new self-owned point-of-presence (POP) nodes were built overseas. The coverage of household broadband continued to expand, and the proportion of customers with fibre access has exceeded 98%. We grew our CDN (Content Delivery Network) to cover almost all cities at the prefecture level and above across China and launched NB-IoT (Narrow band-Internet of Things) in 346 cities, achieving end-to-end scale commercial use.

Adopting a forward-looking perspective, we will proactively seize opportunities as they emerge by dedicating more resources to R&D, building out the industrial ecosystem and deepening our organic reform to lay a solid foundation for sustainable development.

We made significant achievements in key technology research, establishing industry standards and benchmarks. More resources were allocated to human resource development in emerging technologies and businesses to optimise our overall staff structure. We led the formulation of the 5G architecture standards and we are amongst the members that are undertaking the largest number of 5G projects in the ITU (International Telecommunication Union) and 3GPP (The 3rd Generation Partnership Project). Our active participation and leadership stance has strengthened our preeminent position in the international ICT community. We have provided a catalyst to a new wave of network evolution by accelerating the planning and critical technology breakthroughs in order to lay the groundwork for the transition to the next generation of NFV (Network Function Virtualization) and SDN (Software Defined Networking), contributing to the development of smarter, more flexible and efficient network functions. We continued to nurture entrepreneurship and innovation and our autonomous capacity building has evolved from the incubation to realisation stage, further consolidating our core competencies.

Progress has been made towards creating an ecosystem for the industry. Our efforts in establishing a strategic cooperative management system, launching the "1-3-9 Cooperative Initiatives" and deepening our collaboration with governments and enterprises of all sizes are some of the popular initiatives. The number of international telecommunications operators participating in the "Hand-in-Hand Programme" has increased to 24, covering a total of 2.8 billion customers around the globe. Our communication capacity open platform has served more than 130,000 enterprises while our unified authentication platform processed an average of more than 500 million accreditations per day. We have proactively opened up our proprietary capabilities and launched a crowd-innovation and crowdsourcing platform to support developers.

Internally we deepened our corporate reforms and strengthened corporate management, pursuing a flat, agile and highly efficient internal management of our organisational structure. We have kicked-off reforms in the specialised operations of construction, e-commerce, location services, as well as R&D in vertical sectors. The establishment of an IT Management Committee and formation of professional IT subsidiaries have bolstered the support to internal operations, as well as strengthened our capability to offer a widening scope of specialised IT services to external parties.

"Speed upgrade and tariff reduction" continued to be the regulatory policy focus in 2017.

In response to this requirement we have launched a number of measures. We have canceled handset domestic long-distance and roaming tariffs, significantly reduced tariffs for SME dedicated Internet access, as well as lowered international long-distance call tariffs. These measures involved a total of 770 million person-times and further enhanced customers' sense of gain. As a result of wider application of new technologies, we have managed to reduce network costs which, in turn, enabled us to provide quality and value-for-money information services to more customers. Handset data traffic tariff decreased by 43% compared to 2016.

To promote the development of "Internet+" and growth of "Digital China", the Chinese government has decided to step up efforts on a range of measures, in particular to upgrade the network speed and reduce tariffs, to achieve full coverage of high-speed broadband in urban and rural areas, to expand free Internet access in public places, to significantly reduce the tariffs of household broadband, corporate broadband and dedicated line services, to cancel data "roaming" charges, and reduce mobile data tariff by at least 30% in the year of 2018. China Mobile will implement these state policy requirements. We will continue to leverage our overall network advantages, continuously strengthen our product and business innovation, encourage our customers to increase their usage of telecommunications services in order to achieve a higher turnover despite a lower profit margin, and strive to reduce the impact on operating results of the relevant policy requirements. We believe that the aforementioned measures will accelerate our transformation of data traffic operation and digital services in the long run.

We have always upheld the principles of integrity, transparency, openness and efficiency to ensure good corporate governance and full compliance with the listing rules. We are dedicated to enhancing our risk and internal control mechanisms to ensure effective risk detection and management, to further strengthen our supervision of the key issues and business risks in critical areas, and finally to close any gaps in our business management processes to ensure sound and quality operations.

Enhancing compliance management is not just for the sake of meeting regulatory requirements but also to safeguard our own development. Our stated mission is to ensure "China Mobile with Rule of Law" by integrating a compliant approach into every business process. The "Safeguarding Compliance" programme helps us comply with rules and regulations when we conduct our everyday business, ensuring sustainable development during a time of business transformation.

For more details of our corporate governance, please refer to the "Corporate Governance Report".

Mindful of our social responsibility, we contributed to society in areas that can make use of the strengths of the Company, with the ultimate goal of satisfying people's needs in their pursuit for a better life.

We are committed to narrowing the digital divide by continuously improving mobile telecommunications and broadband Internet services in villages and remote areas in China. As of the end of 2017, through implementing specific projects we have cumulatively covered 35,000 administrative villages in China with broadband services. In addition, we have formulated concession plans for people in selected poverty-stricken areas to meet their needs for telecommunications services. Our proprietary information system for targeted poverty alleviation now covers 6.64 million underprivileged individuals in China.

We are dedicated to ensuring telecommunications accessibility and security at all times and successfully accomplished 4,476 emergency communications missions in 2017. In the wake of the earthquake in Jiuzhaigou, Sichuan province, we deployed UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) to set up aerial base stations to support the rescue operation. On the cybersecurity side, we actively combatted evolving telecommunications frauds and cybercrime in order to protect our customers' privacy and information security.

In 2017, we continued to implement the "Green Action Plan" to reduce our carbon footprint. The overall energy consumption per unit of information flow was reduced by 40% compared to 2016. We were a keen advocate for the adoption of green standards across industry sectors by offering innovative pollution monitoring and environmental protection solutions. For the second year in a row, China Mobile was the only company from Mainland China to be included in the global carbon disclosure project CDP's 2017 Climate A List.

Through China Mobile Charity Foundation, we have sponsored professional training for more than 104,000 primary and secondary school principals in rural villages across Central and Western China cumulatively. We have also funded surgeries for 4,498 children with congenital heart disease cumulatively. The programme was selected by GSMA as a "Case For Change" to showcase how ICT can be used to support the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals.

Our effort in fulfilling our social responsibility has gained widespread recognition in the community. We have been included in the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices for the 10th year in a row.

Other awards we received in 2017 included "The Asset Platinum Award" by The Asset; "Asia's Icon on Corporate Governance" award, "Asia's Best Investor Relations Company" award, "Asian Corporate Director Recognition Award" and "Asia's Best CEO" award by Corporate Governance Asia; and "Corporate Governance Excellence Awards" and "Sustainability Excellence Awards" by The Chamber of Hong Kong Listed Companies. The TD-LTE key technology and application for 4G project, led by China Mobile, won the Outstanding Prize in the National Science and Technology Progress Awards.

In 2017, Moody's and Standard & Poor's maintained our corporate credit ratings at the same level as China's sovereign ratings.

Globally, economic activity is undergoing an accelerated shift towards being enabled by cyber information technology. Wider socio-economic development is experiencing profound change alongside the ICT industry.

On the one hand, we are witnessing an accelerating technological evolution and industry reforms that further converge the real and digital economies. Cross-industry cooperation has gathered impetus and smart IoE (Internet of Everything) has brought about new growth opportunities. We are expecting 5G technology development to drive new business models across the spectrum.

The flipside to this period of advancement and opportunity is that the ICT industry landscape is being disrupted. Intensifying cross-sector penetration has created a more intricate competitive environment. The networks, businesses and services offered by basic telecommunications operators are becoming more homogenised in nature. Players in different segments of the ICT industry are aggressively devising digital strategies with an aim to press home their advantages in platform capability and obtain a leadership role in the ecosystem.

Taking a macro perspective on the current status of the industry, we see rare growth opportunities co-existing with formidable challenges. From now until 2020 is the critical period for us to achieve our goal of "doubling the connection scale of 2015 and becoming a world-leading operator in digital innovation". As we stand at this inflection point, we have the responsibility to contemplate the future and set our development objectives and plans, that will lay a solid foundation for the Company's transformation in the new era. From this standpoint there are a range of initiatives that will be of strategic importance in the period ahead.

Firstly, we will continue to lead the development of the mobile market, with an aim to build up new competitive advantages around the household and IoT businesses. To strengthen our leadership in mobile telecommunications, we will strive to maintain our prevailing market share and value creation. In the household market, we will implement our household digital projects with intensity, expediting the transition of focus from scale expansion onto value creation in terms of quality and efficiency. In the IoT market, we will speed up the development of smart IoT and promote its application, to push our connection scale to an even more ambitious goal.

Secondly, we will invest in talent development to support our growth, especially in areas where our capacity could be compromised due to shortage of professional expertise. For our corporate business, intelligent projects for governments and enterprises will be launched to help organisations of all sizes streamline their operations and achieve growth, as well as offering more industry-specific solutions. We will accelerate our own IT capacity-building projects, which will, in turn, drive the connection evolution from pipeline access to intelligent platforms. We will promote talent programmes to accelerate staff restructuring and digital transformation to align with our business strategy.

Thirdly, we will continue to bolster innovation, focusing on strategically critical areas. Capitalisation on the 5G network development trend will allow us to accelerate the transition to the next generation centring on NFV/SDN. Through formulating appropriate R&D strategies we can focus on strengthening our capabilities in fields such as basic telecommunications, cloud computing, big data, IoT and artificial intelligence (AI). We will deepen our reforms in key business areas to resolve any bottlenecks encountered during business transformation.

Fourthly, we will adopt a global view and benchmark ourselves against the highest international standards. Our aim is to lead in the development of big data and AI technology and build out world-class data mining and application capabilities, so that we may be recognised as a pioneer in the application of AI and empower other industry players with our technology. We will strengthen our global presence and identify new drivers for growth while seeking to unlock value in the global market. In relation to our initiative to build out the industry ecosystem, we will diligently pursue this vision in order to develop China Mobile into an active and influential force within the network.

In 2018, we will continue to actively promote the "Big Connectivity" strategy. Our development will continue to be driven by innovation, holding on to the integrated development of the "four growth engines".

We will endeavour to consolidate our market shares of various business lines. For the mobile market, we will consolidate the market share of our customer base and maintain the market share in data traffic. For the household market, we will endeavour to increase the market share of our household broadband customers, especially in areas of low service penetration. For the corporate market, our focus will be to expand our business scale by enlarging the customer base, expediting the development of key products and the promotion of matured solutions for various sectors. For the emerging business market, we aim to seize the IoT and other relevant opportunities to significantly increase the number of IoT connections within the network.

We will reinforce our reputation for quality by maintaining the market-leading quality of our 4G network and building our brand as a top-tier household broadband service provider. In the meantime, we will enhance the service quality of our corporate business and increase the market influence of our digital products and services.

We will focus on value creation, primarily by maintaining our value with a stable-to-rising revenue growth from wireless data traffic. We aim to increase the blended ARPU of household broadband and the revenue generated from household digital services. In order to boost revenue contribution from the corporate market, we will bolster our capabilities in developing ICT integration and corporate products.

We will strive to optimise the synergies across our business, by establishing a well-coordinated operating mechanism across markets that will enhance our centralised operations capability. Efforts to coordinate our marketing initiatives will generate greater effectiveness in the discipline. More focus will be placed on promoting the reuse of resources and experience sharing in order to enhance operating efficiency and effectiveness.

We will continue to implement innovation-driven development by increasing the layout of new infrastructure. We will pursue research on cutting-edge technologies, lead the establishment of international standards for core technologies, which will in turn increase our influence on the global stage. In critical fields, we will develop our core capabilities and proprietary products and establish an open and shared ecosystem. We will also conceive vertical expansion strategies, empowering players in the real economy with effective access to communications technology that will help them move up the value chain.

In terms of our performance forecast for 2018, value creation will remain the ultimate purpose and yardstick for evaluation. Under the circumstances of a predictable policy environment, the company will strive to achieve a growth rate of telecommunications services revenue above the industry average on a comparable basis, ongoing growth in profit scale, continued decrease in capital expenditure and the total number of connections exceeding 1.4 billion in 2018.

Mr. Liu Aili resigned from his roles as the Company's Executive Director and Vice President in September 2017. During his tenure in China Mobile, Mr. Liu had served many important roles and made a tremendous contribution to China Mobile. On behalf of the Board, I express our heartfelt gratitude to Mr. Liu for his dedication.

We would not have achieved what we have without the hardwork and contribution of our wide array of staff, the unwavering support of our customers and shareholders, the trust of the regulatory authorities, and the confidence bestowed upon us by members of the community. On behalf of the Board, I would like to take this opportunity to extend my sincere thanks to all of them. All of us at China Mobile will continue to work towards our goal of becoming a "World's leading operator in digital innovation". It is only together that we will be able to build a world first-tier enterprise with global competitiveness and continue to create greater value for our shareholders.

Shang Bing
Hong Kong, 22 March 2018

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