Latest Developments

In the first half of 2022, our operating revenue maintained a double-digit growth of 12.0% YoY to RMB496.9 billion. Of this, our telecommunications services revenue was RMB426.4 billion, up by 8.4% YoY. Revenue from sales of products and others was RMB70.5 billion, up by 39.8% YoY. Digital transformation revenue grew by 39.2% YoY to RMB110.8 billion. Contributing 26.0% of telecommunications services revenue, digital transformation services have become our key growth driver. Profit attributable to equity shareholders increased by 18.9% YoY to RMB70.3 billion, with profit attributable to equity shareholders per share increasing by 14.1% YoY to RMB3.29. Our profitability remained in a leading position among top-tier global telecommunications operators. EBITDA increased by 7.4% YoY to RMB173.9 billion and accounted for 40.8% of telecommunications services revenue. EBITDA margin stood at 35.0%. Capital expenditure totaled RMB92.0 billion while our cash flow remained at a healthy level, with free cash flow amounting to RMB55.2 billion.

For the “Customer” market, our redoubled efforts to promote the integrated management of data access, applications and customer benefits, coupled with a strategy to exercise more precise scenario-based operations, have resulted in stable growth in both customer base and value contributions. On the one hand, we accelerated customer migration from 4G to 5G as well as created more synergy between our “Customer” market and the “Home” and “Business” markets, putting a focus on both the scale and quality of our 5G development and boosting personal information and communications consumption. On the other hand, we responded to our users’ digital consumption demands by adopting a platform economy model. In addition to delivering more membership services, we further differentiated our three major brands (GoTone, M-zone and Easy Own) with quality products and a wider range of blended benefit options to match their respective value propositions. These initiatives, together with our efforts to integrate our extensive customer touchpoints and quality resources, have enabled us to consistently generate high levels of customer value and loyalty. Our “Customer” market saw stable-to-rising YoY growth of 0.2% in the first half of 2022, with revenue reaching RMB256.1 billion. As of the end of June 2022, our mobile customer base reached 970 million, with a net addition of 12.96 million customers. Of these, 511 million were 5G package customers, representing a net increase of 124 million. The scale of our 5G customer base has anchored us at the forefront of the industry. The number of customers using our integrated-benefit products reached 241 million, with a net addition of 50.70 million customers. Regarding our cloud product Mobile Cloud Drive, the number of monthly active users recorded a net addition of 8.02 million, bringing the total to 143 million. Our range of feature businesses, including cloud XR (augmented reality), cloud games and 5G ultra high-definition video connecting tones, all saw rapid growth. Thanks to the rapid migration to 5G and increase in customer spending on digital life, the value contribution per customer saw stable growth, with the ARPU (average revenue per user per month) of our mobile business reaching RMB52.3, up by 0.2% YoY.

For the “Home” market, to generate greater value from our smart home services, we leveraged the combined strengths of our full-gigabit network connections and cloud-based applications to transform our “Home” business toward HDICT (home data, information and communications technology) solutions and extend this business line to smart communities and digital villages. To lead in broadband services, we have expedited the upgrade and expansion of our gigabit broadband network and built our brand recognition around a quality “Home” service offering. To lead in TV services, we continued to enhance our programme content in which we have further integrated the operation of big- and small- screen content and created a household information service portal consisting of broadband television, digital cinema and vertical content. To lead in smart home services, we continued to launch innovative smart home applications in which we have sped up the scale development of proven applications including smart home network deployment, home security and smart remote controls. We also explored new application scenarios for our HDICT solutions and improved the operating system of new HDICT solutions for multiple scenarios. In the first half of 2022, our “Home” market maintained rapid growth, with revenue increasing by 18.7% YoY to RMB59.4 billion. As of the end of June 2022, we had a total of 230 million household broadband customers, or a net addition of 12.41 million, which continued to put us at the forefront of the industry in terms of customer net additions. Of which, gigabit broadband customer net additions accounted for more than 88% of our household broadband customer net additions. Growth contribution from our smart home applications continued to increase, with the number of customers of our Internet TV service “Mobaihe” reaching 181 million, accounting for 78.4% of our household broadband customer base. Our smart home network customer base also increased by 86.6% YoY; customers using our home security services and “big-screen video-on-demand” services grew by 136.2% YoY and 139.3% YoY respectively. Driven by a broadband upgrade as well as a growing offering of smart home applications, household customer blended ARPU continued to increase, reaching RMB43.0 in the first half of 2022, representing an increase of 4.6% YoY.

For the “Business” market, with a focus on key industries, we advanced the integrated development of our network, cloud and DICT (data, information and communications technology). We significantly strengthened our market, product and support capabilities across-the-board. In the first half of 2022, our “Business” market revenue continued to grow rapidly, reaching RMB91.1 billion, up by 24.6% YoY. We gained a net addition of 2.29 million corporate customers, bringing the total to 21.12 million. DICT revenue amounted to RMB48.2 billion, an increase of 44.2% YoY. In our mobile cloud business, we leaned on our differentiated advantages in the convergences of cloud and networks, cloud and big data, cloud and intelligence, and cloud and edge computing to further optimize our industry-leading mobile cloud products and technology. These efforts have resulted in very rapid growth in our mobile cloud revenue, amounting to RMB23.4 billion, up by 103.6% YoY. As of the end of June 2022, we have signed more than 3,500 cloud services major contracts, generating revenue of over RMB13 billion. We delivered more than 1,100 cloud migration projects for state-owned enterprises and completed a number of model cases for sectors including public administration, education and healthcare. We are fast becoming a top-tier player in the mobile cloud space. In the area of 5G vertical sectors, we partnered with leading enterprises across various industries to create model cases and accelerate the transition of 5G dedicated networks from a customized to a standardized model. We have achieved the commercialization of solutions and promoted the launch of packaged products. By mass replicating our solutions in this way, we reinforced our position as the leading 5G services provider. As of the end of June 2022, we have launched 300 leading 5G showcases and signed agreements of a cumulative of over 11,000 5G commercial projects across multiple sectors, bringing our DICT contract value for the first half of 2022 to more than RMB16 billion. We also started mass replicating these projects across a wide range of industries, covering smart mining, smart factories, smart grid, smart ports, smart hospitals and smart parks. In the field of IoV (Internet of Vehicles). Seizing the opportunities presented by the rapid growth of this emerging sector, we developed forward-looking and comprehensive plans. As of the end of June 2022, we have accumulated more than 195 million IoV connections. Among these, more than 25 million were factory-installed. In addition, we have implemented more than 150 cooperative vehicle infrastructure showcase projects. In the area of digital government, we strove to empower public administration, social governance and services related to people’s livelihoods. We have provided informatization solutions ranging from public security and judiciary to emergency response and water resources for nearly 200 cities across 27 provinces in China. We have endeavoured to create an image of “digital government solutions expert”, and our landmark digital government solutions projects have yielded notable results.

For the “New” market, focusing on innovative deployment, we advanced the coordinated development of our “New” business in four key areas: international business, equity investment, digital content and FinTech. In the first half of 2022, revenue from our “New” market grew very rapidly to RMB19.9 billion, up by 36.5% YoY. In our international business segment, we strengthened the synergy between our domestic and international operations by launching more of our high- quality and proven domestic capabilities in overseas markets and achieving breakthroughs in developing 5G industry solutions. We further optimized the deployment of our international resources, boosted the global ecosystem and continuously enhanced our worldwide operations. In the first half of 2022, our international business revenue grew by 19.3% YoY to RMB8.1 billion. In terms of equity investment, we optimized our capital resources for value growth, ecosystem formation and synergy creation within a range of key industries. Also, by supporting the growth of ecosystem and encouraging innovation, we have facilitated the digital-intelligent transformation of the ecosystem through industry and capital links. Regarding digital content, we focused on creating an integrated platform for content generation, aggregation and dissemination. On this platform, we developed MIGU Video, cloud games, cloud XR and other high-quality Internet products, which expanded the scale of our business as well as enhanced our user experience. In the first half of 2022, our digital content revenue reached RMB11.6 billion, with a record growth rate of 50.6% YoY. The monthly active users of MIGU Video and cloud games, across all platforms, climbed by 72.5% and 149.4% YoY respectively. In our FinTech business, we built a centralized platform to facilitate financial services throughout the industrial chain. In the first half of 2022, the business grew to a scale of nearly RMB30 billion, up by 157% YoY. Offering a range of “and-Finance” services centered around “and-Wallet”, we drove innovations surrounding digital currency scenarios and operations. In the first half of the year, the monthly active users of our “and-Wallet” service increased by 197.9% YoY.

We systematically created a new information infrastructure centring around 5G, computing force network and smart middle platform. In the first half of 2022, we spent an overall CAPEX of RMB92 billion. In 2022, we expect total capital expenditure to stand at approximately RMB185.2 billion, which will come mainly from cash flow from operating activities.

To create higher returns for our shareholders and share the results of our operating gains, after giving full consideration to the Company’s profitability, cash flow condition and future development needs, the Company has decided to pay HK$2.20 per share for the 2022 interim dividend, representing an increase of 34.9% year-on-year. 2022 full-year dividend payout ratio will further increase from that of the previous year. The profit to be distributed in cash for 2023 will gradually increase to 70% or above of the profit attributable to equity shareholders of the Company for that year.

We will embark on a new journey, fully, accurately and comprehensively aligning with new principles to ensure our participation in the new development paradigm and drive high-quality growth. We will pursue stable progress while forging ahead with a steadfast focus on innovation. At the same time, we will advance towards a new position of becoming a world- class information services and sci-tech innovation enterprise and put in place a new strategy of becoming a world-class enterprise by building a dynamic “Powerhouse”, establishing new information infrastructure centered around 5G, CFN and smart middle platform, and forming an innovative information services system that consists of connectivity, computing force and capability. With these, we will continue to satisfy, drive and uncover market demand while enabling the digital-intelligent transformation of production, lifestyle and social governance. We will strive to consistently create greater value for our customers and shareholders by providing quality information services and generating exceptional business results.

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