Analyst Coverage
Company / Contact Person Email Address
BNP Paribas , Morningstar / Dan Baker
BOCI / Michael Meng
CICC / Kai Qian
Citic Securities / Yayuan Huang
Citigroup / Louis Tsang
CLSA / Elinor Leung
DBS Vickers / Tsz Wang Tam
Deutsche Bank / Peter Milliken
First Shanghai Securities / Simon Luo
Goldman Sachs / Jin Guo
HSBC / Neale Anderson
Jefferies / Edison Lee
JPMorgan / Alvin Au
Morgan Stanley / Gary Yu
New Street Research / Chris Hoare
Nomura / Bing Duan
UBS / Sara Wang

Disclaimer: China Mobile Limited is followed by the analyst(s) listed above. This analyst list and their opinions may not be complete and is subject to change from time to time. Any information, statistics, opinion, forecasts or recommendation regarding the financial position and/or operating performance of China Mobile Limited made by these analysts are solely those of theirs and do not represent views or opinions of China Mobile Limited or its management, and reference above does not imply China Mobile Limited's endorsement of their independent views or opinions.

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