Operating Data
Total Mobile Customers(in thousands)
5G Package Customers(in thousands)
4G Customers(in thousands)
Wireline Broadband Customers(in thousands)
Selected Unaudited Key Performance Indicators
Financial Data
  2021/1Q 2021/2Q
Operating Revenue (RMB Billion) 198.4 245.2
Of which:Revenue from Telecommunications Services (RMB Billion) 177.7 215.5
EBITDA (RMB Billion) 72.1 89.9
Profit Attributable to Equity Shareholders (RMB Billion) 24.1 35.0


Operating Data
Mobile Business
  2021/1Q 2021/2Q
Total Customers (Million) 940 946
Net Additional Customers (Million) -2.32 5.91
4G Customers (Million) 788 799
5G Package Customers (Million) 189 251
5G Network Customers (Million) 93 127
Total Voice Usage (Billion Minutes) 716.6 763.3
Handset Data Traffic (Billion GB) 27.0 31.2
SMS Usage (Billion Messages) 211.1 230.0


Operating Data
Wireline Broadband Business
  2021/1Q 2021/2Q
Total Customers (Million) 218 226
Net Additional Customers (Million) 8.10 7.18


Note: 5G network customers are mobile customers who have used the 5G network in the current month and stayed on the network at the end of the month

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