Chairman's Statement

Being at the helm of China Mobile makes me reflect on my own beliefs in life — in particular that a true leader is not only measured by accomplishments he achieved and the heights he aspires to attain, but also by his all-embracing magnanimity. Only by doing this can we broaden our perspective and sustain our development. This wave of information technology progress brings ample opportunities, as well as challenges, for the industry. It will test our ability to adapt and generate new momentum, without losing sight of the unique aspects of China Mobile. I feel privileged to have the mission of steering this large ship at this point, positioning ourselves as the visionary industry leader and travelling forward to a period of inclusive growth for the Company.

"Big Connectivity" is our response to this vision. In 2016, China Mobile set out this overarching strategy, together with the "four growth engines", that will guide us toward balanced development. This was a result of a comprehensive process of thorough research, brainstorming and deliberation. We have created a development blueprint for the next five years that commits China Mobile to expanding our network connectivity, optimising our services and strengthening applications within our network to lay the foundations for the Internet of Everything and developing innovative digital services.

Looking back at 2016, I am very pleased with the outstanding results that China Mobile has achieved in the period. And now turning to the future, my team and I will continue to work together, remaining committed to creating a brighter future for China Mobile and more value for our investors.

Dear Shareholders,

China Mobile achieved outstanding results on all fronts in 2016, maintaining our market leading profitability among all global telecommunications operators and laying a solid foundation for future growth. These hard- earned results were particularly encouraging against a backdrop of rapidly advancing information network and technology, an evolving business landscape and accelerating convergence in the information and communications technology industry, coupled with ever- changing external and internal operating environments. The results demonstrated our ability to harness new trends as well as our focus on innovation and delivering ever-greater value. The timely implementation of the "Big Connectivity" strategy helped us to not only speed up our business transformation but also to consolidate our position as the market leader.

China Mobile's operating revenue reached RMB708.4 billion in 2016, representing an increase of 6.0% from the previous year. The growth rate of revenue from telecommunications services stood at 6.7%, achieving a five-year high and ranking the first in the industry. Our revenue structure improved further with wireless data traffic revenue increasing by 43.5% from the previous year, accounting for 46.2% of revenue from telecommunications services. Wireless data traffic became the biggest revenue source in 2016 for the first time in the Company's history, surpassing the combined revenue of voice, SMS (Short Message Service) and MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service).

Profit attributable to equity shareholders reached RMB108.7 billion in 2016, or basic earnings per share of RMB5.31. Excluding the one-off gain in 2015 on the transfer of Tower Assets, profit attributable to equity shareholders increased by 10.5% in 2016.

Exceeding investors' expectations is our overriding priority. We hope to create better returns for our shareholders and share with them the fruits of our success, while also securing the Company's development and maintaining shareholder value in the longer term.

To this end, the Board recommends the dividend payout ratio of 46% for the full financial year of 2016. The Board recommends payment of a final dividend of HK$1.243 per share, together with the interim dividend of HK$1.489 per share paid earlier, this amounts to an aggregate dividend payment of HK$2.732 per share for the full 2016 financial year. Taking into account the Company's financial position, its ability to generate cash flow and its capital demands for future development, the Company will maintain a stable dividend payout ratio for the full financial year of 2017, striving to attain a stable-to-rising dividend payout ratio to create higher shareholder value.

For a more detailed analysis of operating and financial performance in 2016, please refer to the "Business Review" and "Financial Review" sections.

Harnessing the rapid developments in technology and business trends and aligning with our goal for inclusive development, our initiatives in accelerating business transformation driven by the "four growth engines" have yielded encouraging results in 2016.

We maintained our market leading position in terms of the overall development of 4G business, particularly in the areas of coverage and network quality. In 2016, we had a net addition of 223 million 4G customers, bringing the total number of 4G customers to 535 million. The 4G penetration rate of our mobile customers reached 63.0% and we have acquired the largest customer base. We have the world's largest 4G network and added a further 0.4 million 4G base stations to our network in 2016, increasing the total number of stations to 1.51 million and covering a population of more than 1.3 billion. Our average download speed on urban roads reached 40Mbps. We launched high quality commercial VoLTE (Voice over LTE) services in more than 300 cities. These were all part of our continued efforts to enhance our industry-leading 4G customer experience and business application. The TD-LTE key technology and application for 4G, which China Mobile took pride in and contributed significantly to developing, won the Outstanding Prize in the 2016 National Science and Technology Progress Awards. The broader application of the TD-LTE standard around the world is a breakthrough for the industry.

China Mobile adopted a high-end approach to the development of the flourishing household market. In 2016, we had a net addition of 22.59 million wireline broadband customers, driving the total number of customers for this service up to 77.62 million, 76.9% of which subscribed to services with a bandwidth of 20Mbps or above. The number of customers of our home digital product "Mobaihe", the set-top box that provides high-definition video-on-demand service, has exceeded 22.80 million. Customer value for our broadband service has also increased steadily.

Our corporate customer market has also been expanding. We have focused our resources on developing corporate services in key industry sectors such as public administration, finance, transportation, education, healthcare and energy, while at the same time broadening our product portfolio of dedicated lines, IDC (Internet Data Centres) and converged communications such as IMS (IP Multimedia Subsystem). In 2016, we served 5.45 million corporate customers and generated an increased proportion of product-related revenue. Our corporate telecommunications and informatisation services revenue continued to grow and accounted for approximately one-third of the total market.

We continued to grow our digital services in 2016 and built the world's largest dedicated core network for the Internet of Things, with the total number of connections exceeding 100 million. We enhanced the user experience for our Internet service customers by further increasing the website access success rate and shortening front-page loading latency for the top 100 most-visited websites. We applied the innovative distributed caching technology in our video services, increasing the download speed by 3 times. Our mobile payment service "and-Wallet" enjoyed stable growth and recorded a total transaction amount exceeding RMB1 trillion.

To provide impetus to collaboration with external parties, we introduced a number of new service systems in 2016 including launching external services for OneNET platform and the smart home gateway platform, as well as further developing the telecommunications capability open platform and the unified authentication platform. We are progressing the application of big data technology to support our precision marketing. Our data analytics are now augmented with external service capabilities such as improved public security and credit scoring, further unleashing creativity within our services.

It has been the management's resolute belief that China Mobile needs to be proactive in adapting to regulatory changes in order to capture opportunities amid intense competition. Such an approach would maintain the initiative of increasing the company's value, as well as meeting shareholders' expectations in a responsible way.

The focus for regulators in 2016 continued to be "speed upgrade and tariff reduction". We were fully dedicated to complying with regulatory requirements by lowering the service cost and increasing efficiency, so that our customers can continue to benefit from our business success. In 2016, data traffic tariff was lowered by 36% compared with the previous year. At the same time, based on our strategic visioning on the regulatory direction, we have taken an orderly and balanced approach to mitigate the risks associated with the cancellation of domestic long-distance and roaming tariffs by proactively removing standalone non-flat rate domestic long-distance and roaming packages from our current product portfolio and focusing our promotional efforts on the sales of flat-rate packages. The results of this initiative have so far been satisfactory.

The State has announced that a new round of "speed upgrade and tariff reduction" policies will be launched this year in order to promote the development of "Internet+" and growth of the digital economy. The policies will require operators to further enhance network infrastructure and increase Internet bandwidth while cancelling handset domestic long-distance and roaming tariffs from October 2017. In addition, the policies also require operators to reduce substantially the dedicated Internet access tariffs for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and lower international long- distance call tariffs in the year. We expect that the new policies will have certain impact on our 2017 operating results1. However, we believe these initiatives will, in the long run, accelerate our transformation towards predominantly data traffic and digital services. We will maintain close communication with regulators to make the best operating decisions and find the sweet spot between "speed upgrade and tariff reduction" and the need for our stable and long-term development.

The focus of industry competition has been shifting from network, products and services to a new and higher plane that is more concerned with the platform and the ecosystem.

On the one hand, cross-disciplinary convergence has intensified competition in the industry. Telecommunications operators, Internet companies as well as device and terminal manufacturers have all been strengthening their digital capabilities, in order to occupy a position further up the value chain and extend their core competence. On the other hand, a new competition landscape in basic telecommunications services has emerged, whereby our competitors are seeking multi-layered cooperation to provide 4G business. Our competitors have been granted permission to refarm a valuable spectrum to develop the 4G network, offering them complementary advantages when they cooperate with Internet companies to grow their data traffic operations.

Against this backdrop, we see a clear need to establish our own competitive advantages and, in the meantime, take bold and innovative steps to provide new momentum for growth by entering new business areas such as the broader digital services industry. This emerging competitive landscape will challenge us to consolidate around our core strengths while also deepening our relationships with other participants on the open platform, as we work to create a harmonious ecosystem.

1According to the estimates obtained from the static calculation based on the Company's current business structure, the three "tariff reduction" measures are expected to result in a decrease of each of the operating revenue and the operating profit in 2017 (i) by around RMB4.0 billion for one quarter due to cancellation of domestic long-distance and roaming tariffs; and (ii) by around RMB3.0 billion for the whole year due to reductions of the dedicated Internet access tariffs for SMEs and international long-distance call tariffs. The Company will strive to reduce the impact by stepping up efforts to business development, achieving a higher turnover despite a lower profit margin.

We have always upheld the principles of integrity, transparency, openness and efficiency to ensure good corporate governance and strict compliance with the rules and regulations on listed companies. With an emphasis on risk management, we continue to enhance our risk and internal control mechanisms to ensure effective risk detection and management, strengthen our supervision of key issues, prevent business risk in critical areas, and finally to close any gaps in business management process to ensure sound and quality operations.

For a more detailed analysis of our corporate governance, please refer to the "Corporate Governance Report".

We wish to excel as a corporate citizen and become a leading industry player in fulfilling our social responsibilities.

We have endeavoured to narrow the digital divide and continuously improve mobile communications and broadband Internet services in villages and remote areas of China. As of the end of 2016, we have, by fulfilling universal service obligations, introduced wireline broadband access to 4,909 administrative villages cumulatively, and our wireline broadband services have achieved an increasing rural coverage ratio. We have also launched innovative applications in areas such as rural healthcare and smart grazing to offer more inclusive information services.

We have invested dedicated resources to protect our customers' interests by ensuring privacy and information security, with the help of cutting-edge technology and effective management. In 2016, we suspended and blacklisted 1.96 million nuisance call numbers and intercepted more than 100 million fraudulent calls from overseas.

China Mobile has been taking proactive actions to alleviate its impact on climate change. We have implemented a "Green Action Plan" over the last 10 years, with the aim of reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions in the course of corporate development. In 2016, overall energy consumption per unit of information flow decreased by 36% from the previous year.

Through our China Mobile Charity Foundation, we have sponsored professional training for more than 90,000 primary and secondary school principals in villages in Central and Western China cumulatively. We have also funded surgeries for 3,633 children with congenital heart disease cumulatively.

Our continued efforts in governance and corporate social responsibility have gained us widespread recognition in the community. In 2016, China Mobile received the "Best Managed Large Cap in China" award from financial magazine Asiamoney and "The Asset Platinum Award" from The Asset. Most recently, Corporate Governance Asia presented the Company with the "Asia's Outstanding Company on Corporate Governance" award and the "Asian Corporate Director Recognition Award". We have been included in the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices for the ninth year in a row. In addition, China Mobile was the first and only company from Mainland China to be awarded a position on CDP's 2016 Climate A List.

In 2016, Moody's and Standard & Poor's continued to maintain our corporate credit ratings at the same level as that awarded to China's sovereign ratings.

Looking ahead, China's ambition to become a "Cyberpower" and the implementation of the "Internet+" initiative will boost data usage and create new growth opportunities for the information and telecommunications industry. As well as being a driving force for infrastructure and strategic progress, this initiative will also raise the bar for industry players when it comes to innovation and quality. We will proactively align our business objectives with these developments, seizing opportunities as they emerge, rising to new challenges and making headway alongside our "Big Connectivity" strategy.

First, we will take a more macro and comprehensive view of the entire market. We will explore business opportunities, attract new customers, broaden our revenue base, optimise our business structure and continue to innovate. We will establish operations that capitalise on the potential of fast-growing areas to facilitate our business transformation from mobile communications between people to a business model that is driven by the "four growth engines". Such a model will extend all of our connections to join people and things, and also connect things with each other. This will lead our evolution from a domestic telecommunications operator to a global service provider with a strong international network.

Second, we will build a strong foundation that will enable the growth of our comprehensive network. We will leverage our advantages in 4G to reinforce our transmission network and upgrade it in a coordinated manner that supports our business transformation. While we accelerate the transition to a cloud-based NFV/ SDN network, we will step up our efforts to conduct research and tests on 5G technology. We will also construct our application infrastructure to encompass areas such as cloud computing, big data, the Internet of Things, industrial Internet and content delivery networks.

Third, we will strengthen our capability. We will expedite the top-down design and secure resources to strengthen our own core competence for business expansion in IT, big data and universal platforms. We will continue to innovate within our digital services product range, develop specialised competencies along the vertical value chain, bolster our research and development capability to support the growth of a world- class innovative company while establishing an open, integrated platform and service system.

Finally, we will create a mechanism that will generate greater synergies. Through this mechanism, our operating procedures will become flatter and more customer-oriented. By looking for more effective ways of cooperating externally, we hope to pursue a more balanced approach to development and increasing synergies on the open platform.

2017 is the year of China deepening supply-side structural reform, and is also a milestone year for the implementation of our "Big Connectivity" strategy. We will spare no effort, maintain the high standards investors expect of us and deliver more favourable results and returns to our shareholders. In the event that the policy environment matches our expectations, in 2017 China Mobile will strive to maintain revenue growth from telecommunications services above the industry average, while also delivering industry-leading profitability.

This year marks the 20th anniversary of China Mobile's public listing. From the 1987 launch of the first generation analogue mobile network in Mainland China, to the extensive use of the 4G network and our pioneering research and planning for 5G technology today, China Mobile has always been able to anticipate and capture developing industry trends, address customer needs and forge ahead on this miraculous journey. In just two decades, our revenue has grown by 68 times, profit increased by 24 times and our market capitalization expanded by 13.5 times. As I write to you now, China Mobile boasts the world's largest network and customer base, industry-leading profitability and market capitalization. I am proud to say that all of these factors combine to make China Mobile a world-class telecommunications operator.

I would like to take this opportunity to express my heartfelt gratitude to our shareholders for their continued endorsement and loyalty, to our customers for their unwavering support and trust, to our staff for their relentless efforts and selfless dedication, to the wider community for their support and to our various partners for their valuable collaboration. Without our strong relationships with all of these groups, it would not have been possible for China Mobile to scale the ever- extending heights on this wonderful journey.

On behalf of the Board of Directors, I would also like to extend my most sincere gratitude to Mr. Xue Taohai, who has retired from his positions as Executive Director, Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of the Company. Mr. Xue has served important roles in China Mobile and made a tremendous contribution to the development of our Company over the years.

As we develop, China Mobile remains committed to realising our vision of becoming the global leader in digital innovation and successfully implementing our "Big Connectivity" strategy. All of us here at China Mobile will continue to strive for a better digital future and, in doing so, look forward to delivering greater value and returns for our shareholders, customers, staff and other stakeholders.

Shang Bing
23 March 2017, Hong Kong

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