Networks & Technologies

We provide mobile communication services with GSM, TD-SCDMA, TD-LTE and WLAN networks.

GSM is the second generation mobile communication system, which is based on digital transmission and the structure of mobile communication network and can provide roaming services. GSM network is composed by three core components, which are base station, base station controller and mobile switching center. In mainland of China, we have the right to send and receive each of the 45MHz spectrum in 900MHz and 1800MHz bands. We have perfect GPRS/EGPRS networks, which apply packet switching technology in the field of wireless communication and can provide data rate higher than 150kbps.

TD-SCDMA is one of the third generation mobile communication standards, which introduces Code Division Multiple Access into mobile communication systems and has the characteristics of more flexible spectrum and higher spectrum utilization. TD-SCDMA network is composed by four core portions, which are base station, radio network controller, mobile switching center and SGSN. In mainland of China, we have the right to operate 15MHz spectrum in 2GHz band and 40MHz spectrum in 1.9GHz band for TD-SCDMA system. TD-SCDMA network can provide maximum uplink 0.56Mbps and downlink 1.68Mbps data rate for a single user.

WLAN is a communication system based on IEEE802.11 standard. WLAN access system consists of access point (AP) and access controller (AC). Our WLAN network uses 2.4-2.4835GHz spectrum and 5.725-5.850GHz spectrum, which is mainly constructed to cover hot spots and provides high speed broadband internet access services with up to 300Mbps peak rate.

TD-LTE is one of the fourth generation mobile communication standards, which contains many new technologies, such as OFDM and MIMO and has the advantages of higher peak rate and spectrum utilization. TD-LTE network is composed of enhanced base station (eNodeB) and evolved packet core network (EPC). TD-LTE system can provide higher than 20Mbps/100Mbps uplink and downlink peak rate.

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