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Connecting Us to the Future

From Broadband China, information consumption, to the issuance of 4G operating license, we have witnessed the burgeoning of Mobile Internet during 2013. Ground-breaking changes and scenes only existing in our dreams just a few years ago, have started to unfold right in front of our eyes. Our mobile phones are playing more roles in our lives, from communication tools to cameras, books, maps, and even wallets, enabling us to not only extend our capabilities, but also to make changes happen.

In the era of Mobile Internet, traditional ways of consumption, service and production are continuously being disrupted and reshaped. "Adapt or Perish" has become an issue of vital significance for businesses in telecommunications, financial, service, industrial, and commercial sectors. As the world's largest mobile operator, both in network scale and customer base, China Mobile cannot afford to ignore this trend. The development of Mobile Internet has brought enormous challenges for telecommunication operators. Growth of traditional services such as text message, multimedia message, and voice has stagnated or even fallen. Our profit declined in Q3 2013 for the first time in history, due to these challenges, and because of our increasing investments in 4G infrastructure and in other necessary resources we require for the future. Facing the inevitable evolution trends of technology and industry, we have chosen to embrace this new era with strategic restruction and innovative reforms.

On 4 December 2013, our parent company was issued the 4G (TD-LTE standard) license. On 18 December, we launched our new service brand for the 4G era - "and!".

"and!" symbolises our commitment to enabling people to connect and communicate with each other ever more closely with our world-leading mobile telecommunication technology, superior network quality, rich product choices, and customised services. "and!" also symbolises the proactive attitude, equal communication, and open mind of China Mobile in working together with our stakeholders, to fulfil our long-term commitment to creating and sharing values in a sustainable way.

"A New Dream with You" symbolises that we strive to serve our customers with seamless services, to create beautiful lives for them, and to realise their digital dreams together. "A New Dream with You" also symbolises a new harmonious and win-win industry ecosystem that we wish to create with our value chain partners, where we shoulder responsibilities and share values together in a sustainable way. Finally, "A New Dream with You", symbolises that we are committed to making the "China Dream" come true by building better communities, caring for the environment, and by supporting charitable causes.

Throughout 2013, China Mobile has been building "A New Dream with You".

Following our strategic vision of "Mobile Changes Life" and focusing on our stakeholders' needs, we implemented a sustainability strategy and created shared values for our stakeholders. For our shareholders and investors, we continuously created value for them by pursuing an ethical and healthy way to develop, accelerating the transformation and restruction of our business, innovating on 4G technologies and promoting 4G commercialisation. For our partners, we worked together to promote sustainable development of the telecommunications industry, by spearheading the development of the TD value chain and building a responsible supply chain. For our customers, we were committed to winning their trust with optimised services that addressed customer concerns about network quality, information security, privacy protection, and tariff. For our employees, we were dedicated to helping them realise their values, by focusing on their needs during the time of change, and providing them with care, respect, and career development support. In particular, we selected and recognised employee role models as the "Most Admirable Mobilers" for the first time. For our communities, we responded to their needs, supported community development, and extended our help to vulnerable groups. To protect the environment, we strictly managed our environmental impact, and developed ICT solutions to address climate change. Based on our efforts, China Mobile was listed in the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices (DJSI) for the sixth consecutive year. Our sustainability practice was recognised by the UN Global Compact as a Best Practice in China.

The year of 2014 is a crucial year for our 4G deployment. China Mobile will continue to fulfil our responsibilities with the utmost sincerity, as we implement our strategic restruction to overcome challenges, and as we create a bright information-enhanced future together with you!

Mr. Xi Guohua

March, 2014