Sustainable Development

Change, with You

On 18 December 2013, China Mobile officially launched the fourth generation (4G) mobile communication service along with a brand new image signified by our new service brand "and!".

In 2014, we created a record by bringing more than 720,000 4G base stations into operation and serving over 90 million 4G customers. Within this year, we set global industry precedents in network scale, construction speed and capital investment with the completion of the largest 4G network in terms of both scale and coverage as well as the offering of international roaming service in multiple countries and regions. We have been leading the development of 4G devices, providing more affordable tariff package choices, introducing featured 4G services for individual, family and corporate customers, and bringing our customers the experience of more convenient digital access. These efforts contributed to the acceleration of the development of the TD-LTE 4G industry, the establishment of a complete ICT industrial system in China with independently innovated technologies, and the leap-forward development of China's chip and device industries. We are pleased to witness that "Mobile Changes Life" has embarked on a fast track in the 4G era as high-speed 4G network is making mobile Internet applications increasingly popular and deeply integrated into society, business, and personal lives.

We started the change by changing ourselves. Entering the 4G era, we accelerated our transformation and development, sped up the construction of smart pipeline, and innovated on mobile Internet services, applications and business models as a response to the decline of traditional telecommunication businesses. We proactively promoted organisational transformation to encourage innovation and entrepreneurship from both our organisation and our employees, which became a strong motivation power to our transformation. Meanwhile, we actively implemented more stringent corporate governance to ensure healthy development, and improved network quality and security to protect our customers from unlawful activities and ensure confident consumption of our products and services.

We are also changing together with our stakeholders. We have been growing together with our employees by deepening labour reform, applying a versatile incentive mechanism, and actively addressing their concerns. We have also been growing together with the industry by collaborating with our value chain partners to develop new information services for the rural market and a richer variety of applications such as mobile health, transportation, mobile payment, and smart home. We have been sharing our growth with communities through our continuous efforts to provide inclusive telecommunication services, to support poverty alleviation efforts in Xizang, Xinjiang and Qinghai, and to bridge both development gaps and digital divides. For ten consecutive years, we have been devoted to China Mobile Blue Dream Education Aid Plan, supporting the training of principals of rural primary and secondary schools from central and western China and the building of China Mobile Libraries and Multimedia Classrooms. We also provided free congenital heart disease screening for children in poverty areas and assistance to those who needed treatment. We have been growing in harmony with the environment by constantly optimising energy management, improving network energy efficiency, promoting green service, and advocating for the development of green new economy. With all these efforts, our sustainability practices were well recognised and China Mobile was listed in the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices (DJSI) for the seventh consecutive year.

Following our philosophy of substainable development and our strategic vision of "Mobile Changes Life", we will adapt to the new normal state of economic development, seize new opportunities involved in the development of mobile Internet, and continuously deepen our transformational development and innovation, so as to create sustainable values and achieve inclusive growth hand-in-hand with our stakeholders. It is our belief that there are changes happening everywhere, and "Mobile Changes Life" is becoming so close to reach.

Mr. Xi Guohua

March, 2015     

Sustainability Report
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