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In 2015, we made a critical step in our transformative development, and also made promising progresses in benefitting society with information and communication technologies.

Since the issuance of our 4G license on 4 December 2013, we have built the largest 4G network in the world in just over two years. Our 4G base stations reached approximately 1.1 million, covering a population of over 1.2 billion, and our customers could enjoy 4G roaming service in 114 countries and regions. We now have more than 300 million 4G customers, with a net addition of over 200 million 4G customers in 2015, which averaged to more than 400 new customers per minute. This was the 4G "Chinese Speed" created by all China Mobile employees with our responsibility, endeavour and passion.

With the fast development and penetration of 4G, China Mobile has acted to show our sustainability core competence and our contribution to economic and social sustainability as a backbone telecommunications operator — namely, to build the new generation of fast, ubiquitous and secure network infrastructure, and to provide state-of-art information and communication services for the great mass of the population. In short, it is both the foundation and the obligation of us to provide quality "Connectivity" services, and to enhance "Connectivity" value.

To connect and facilitate communication. In 2015, besides accelerating 4G development, we responded to customer needs and launched a variety of "speed upgrade and tariff reduction" initiatives such as data sharing, data rollover and lower roaming tariffs to promote information consumption. As a result, handset data tariff dropped by 43%, and data traffic service penetration rate reached 80%, enabling more people to enjoy our high-speed network and quality services. We also allocated designated personnel and adopted technological and management measures to prevent harmful information and telecommunications frauds and safeguard information security of our customers. The number of spam message complaints dropped by 29.4% compared to 2014. We connected villages and remote areas with mobile and broadband services to narrow the digital divide. By the end of 2015, we had cumulatively invested about 45 billion yuan in the Village Connected Project, covering 99.5% of rural areas with mobile communication services, and enabling more than 70% of rural villages to use our broadband service.

To connect and stimulate innovation. "Internet+" set free a wave of cross-industry integration and innovation and touched every aspect of the economy and society. In 2015, we grasped this trend and implemented a strategic transformation. In doing so, we expanded our digital services, which in turn helped tap the value creation potential for individuals and supported entrepreneurship and innovation among the public. So far, China Mobile has established a specialised operational system for mobile Internet, Internet of Things and enterprise information solutions. Our digital services developed rapidly. We have over 6,000 digital new media partners, which have employed over a million people and shared value of over 10 billion yuan in total. Our Internet of Things has established more than 60 million connections and reached over 800 partners with its open-capacity platform cooperation.

To connect and share development. China Mobile aims to achieve symbiosis with our stakeholders. Employees are our most valuable asset. In 2015, we explored various remuneration and incentive schemes and career development paths, in order to help employees achieve self-worth and growth in parallel with our development. For developing regions and vulnerable groups, we carried out a variety of empowermentbased poverty alleviation projects and strategic charity programmes such as infrastructure construction, information solution, education aid and healthcare support to enable them to overcome difficulties and enjoy equal development opportunities. Facing severe environmental challenges, we continued to implement the Green Action Plan, and our overall energy consumption per unit of information flow dropped by 17.5% compared to 2014. We worked with value chain partners to promote telecommunications equipment energy grading standards and green packaging solutions. We also explored environmental information solutions for pollution control and smog control to contribute to ecological civilisation.

"With perfect sincerity and integrity, we will strive to fulfil our triple-sided responsibilities: our economic responsibility, our social responsibility and our environmental responsibility." In 2015, China Mobile not only enhanced our own sustainability performance, but also contributed to sustainable development of society. We were listed in the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices (DJSI) for the eighth consecutive year, and our CSR practices were widely recognised. We deeply understand that China Mobile could never achieve any of these without the attention, confidence, support and help from all our stakeholders.

In the future, China Mobile will fully implement the development concepts of "innovation, coordination, green, openness and sharing" and seize the historic opportunities of industry transformation and innovative development. We will focus on providing better "Connectivity" services and creating greater "Connectivity" value. We will fulfil our responsibilities, support China's "Cyberpower" strategy, and build a new Internet of Everything ecology with stakeholders, which will allow everyone to create and share value through connectivity, bringing to reality the new future of "Mobile Changes Life".

March, 2016

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